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How many roses do I need ?   

Rosary                      5-6

Chaplet                         2

Bracelet                         2

  Necklace                         1-2  

Earrings, Key Chains, & Tie Tacks     1  

How do I mail my roses?

Just wrap in paper. They will be fine 




P O Box 655 

Bardstown, Ky 


We take your rose petals and make them into beads.  Then we hand design

them into a keepsake for you to have as a precious memory

Rosaries,  Bracelets,   Necklaces

Earrings,  Bookmarks,  Tie Tacks

Key Chains  and  more

Use your roses from any special occasion:

Funerals,  Weddings,  Anniversaries

If you want to add charms or use a birthstone color we will be glad to do it